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Our Story

Jurlique was born in the unspoiled hills of South Australia, not a laboratory. It is the only place on earth where our concentrated ingredients could originate.

Our founders

It’s a path forged in the 1980s by our founders, Ulrike and Jurgen Klein. Ulrike, a horticulturalist and botanist, specialised in growing healing herbs. Jurgen, a biochemist and naturopath, created the original formulas behind our skin care products. They were determined to use their deep knowledge of botany and biochemistry to unlock the healing powers of Nature to cultivate radiant, healthy looking skin. They understood that no product manufactured solely in a laboratory could have the same intense, nurturing power. A commitment to purity was a founding principle.

Our farm

We’re proud custodians of a beautiful piece of land that is part of the vigorous ecosystem of the hills. In the same way we care about what goes onto your skin, we care about what goes into our soil. We will always put more back into the earth than we take out of it.

Everything we do supports the health and vitality of the farm, and contributes to the health of our region. For us, it means our plants grow in living soil, nourishing our botanicals to a level that’s simply not possible using synthetic chemical fertilisers or other techniques.

"Our dream was to connect people back to nature. That connection...that's the really important thing for us as human beings."

Ulrike Klein, Jurlique Co-Founder

A meticulous path from seed to skin

When Ulrike and Jurgen Klein founded Jurlique, they were determined to prove that nothing manufactured solely in a laboratory could rival the healing powers of nature. This drove them to apply their deep knowledge of botany, biochemistry, and natural healing to cultivate radiant, healthy looking skin. Their shared vision was to create a high performing, natural skin care collection, combining Nature’s transformative powers with state-of-the-art skin science.

High performing, natural skincare

The extra effort we make to manage and protect the natural assets of our home frees us to continue challenging what’s possible from natural skin care. That’s why we will never work any other way. For as long as we care diligently for our unique piece of land, and for this spectacular region, our concentrated botanicals and pioneering formulas will continue to defy expectations, delivering an undiluted force of Nature direct to your skin.

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