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Our Commitment

For more than thirty years, everything we do at Jurlique has followed the same meticulous path; from the seed we plant, to the product that reaches your skin. It was a path laid down by our founders, Ulrike and Jurgen Klein, inspired by their vision to create high performing, natural-based skin care. It’s the reason we have been resolutely authentic and sustainable from the beginning. And it’s why Nature’s intense power infuses everything we create here today.

Our Jurlique Farm

At the heart of Jurlique is our biodynamic* farm. A place to grow unblemished botanicals in living soil to the highest holistic, ecological and ethical standards, free from synthetic pesticides and herbicides. Unwavering adherence to biodynamic* methods keeps this farm intimately connected with the seasons and stimulate the soil down to the smallest microbe. The right location was essential. The air, the soil, and the climate had to be ideal.

Our exclusive creation process

We hand-harvest each plant at the height of its vitality. Then within hours of harvesting, our botanicals go to our drying shed, where they wait for the next, crucial step – our exclusive Bio-Intrinsic™ process. We extract the compounds we want to use, while removing any non-essential material. Then we recombine the potent extracts to yield essences that are unique, complex, and vastly more powerful.

Tracing the journey

Every part of the journey protects the integrity of the product that reaches your skin. To ensure the highest standards of quality control, every process is documented, right from seed germination. Every batch has accompanying records of the date, place and time every botanical has been picked. This means we can trace the ingredients in every final product all the way through the supply chain, back to their beginnings on the farm. Any store returns are tested in our laboratory and ingredients can be traced right back to the original growing bed.

Pure sustainability

Sustainability has always been fundamental to everything we do here. From our biodynamic* farm and clean energy Natural Beauty Plant in the Adelaide Hills, to our commitment to reducing our carbon cycle and looking after our people, sustainability is at the core of Jurlique.

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