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Classic Signature Facials

Capturing the healing power of Nature, our customised facial treatments will reveal naturally radiant glowing skin.

1. Anti-Stress Facial

60 minutes | RM 240

Express relaxation for clients that love facial massage and are short on time. Hydrates and smooths face, neck and shoulder muscles of clients with all skin types.



2. Detoxifying Facial

60 minutes | RM 240

Assist in detoxifying impurities and clearing congested skin to minimize the damaging effects of pollution and make-up build up that contribute towards premature ageing. Recommended for comedones, problem skins, dull complexions and to immediately refresh and revitalize tired skin.



3. Hydrating Rose Facial

60 minutes | RM 280

Every skin type needs hydration to look and feel amazing, and this treatment is perfect for when you want that extra boost. Hydrating rose extracts and nourishing rose hip oil help to restore skins vital hydration and balance. Skin is left infused with moisture to reveal a smoother more glowing complexion.



4. Calming Soothing Facial

60 minutes | RM 320

Specifically designed for skin that is sensitive or reactive to environmental aggressors. This treatment features our unique comforting herbal complexes renowned for balancing the skin and easing the appearance of redness, and dryness. Organic Calendula, Echinacea and Lavender extracts from the Jurlique farm, help improve the skins natural barrier function. A slow pressure point massage releases tension, while our Renewing Green Tea Mask soothes delicate skins.



5. Revitalising Antioxidant Facial

60 minutes | RM 360

This thermal treatment will help restore radiance and firmness while powerful botanical concentrates help combat visible signs of ageing. Using hot and cold precious Amethyst stones your skin is gently heated, then cooled to infuse active serums to deliver radiant, glowing skin. This indulgent treatment helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin dullness to restore your skin’s signature glow.



Ultimate Signature Facials

1. Nutri Define Touch of Luxe Facial Contouring Treatment

90 minutes | RM 420

A Rose, Peppermint and Rosemary based treatment commencing with a neck and shoulder massage. An enzyme peel followed by a pure Rose oil massage rejuvenates and softens dry skin. Cool Jade Rollers and warm Rose Quartz crystals reduce puffiness and restore firmness to the skin. The perfect blend of natural luxury and skin rejuvenation using Jurlique most premium anti-ageing range to address the multiple signs of ageing.



Body Massage

1. Anti-Depression Body Massage

60 minutes | RM 168

90 minutes | RM 198

10 hours | RM 918

This emotionally healing aromatherapy massage uses our signature Jurlique’s body oil to perform a soft, gentle pressured full body massage to give you the ultimate relaxation.

This massage can help with:
- Boosting your mood
- Reducing stress and anxiety
- Relieving muscle tension
- Relieving pain



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